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          • Dingli annotates: Joint efforts from all walks, for the benefit of society.
          • Spirit of enterprise Try to be first, strive to be best
          • Motto of Dingli president: Be the honest man, do the innovation thing.
          • Mission of Dingli: For the benefit of society, for the welfare of all staff.
          • Core values: Honesty, creativity, harmony and high efficiency
          • Vision of Bahuan: BH’s tomorrow will be brighter and staff’s life will be better.
          • Quality commitment: Being responsible for quality is Bahuan people’s bounder duty.
          • Work style: Pragmatic and vigorously.
          • Enterprise purpose: Quality first, constant improvement, create value, contribute to society.
          • Service concept: Timely, professionally, sincerely, satisfactorily.
          • Business Philosophy: Customer the highest, brand the first-rate.
          • Team spirit: Active communication and sincere cooperation
          • Management concept: Combination of rights and responsibility, management by objective
          • Talent concept: Morality and ability go first.
          • Learning concept: Knowledge changes destiny, learning creates future
          • Safety concept: Safety in production is weightier than Mount Tai.