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          Service concept: timely, professional, sincerely, satisfactorily
          Service commitment:  for external complaints, BH will take in response to temporary or emergency measures within 48 hours, reply to customer causing and solution within seven working days. If customer has time schedule requesting, we will comply with customer. 。
          Contact :
          1.Customer Service in China.
          Address: No.889, west xin’an street, Luqiao district, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China


          2.Zhejiang BH Bearing USA Inc.

          Address: 2440 South Hacienda Blvd Suite 227 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
          TEL: 626 968 0170
          FAX:626 968 3903

          3.BH Europe Contact.

          Address: Wirteltorplatz 9, 52349, Düren, Germany
          TEL: 0049-151-52482669
          E-MAIL:E-MAIL: xin.dai@dlgroup.com.cn

          4.BH Korea Contact.
          Address: #114, A-3, Yutong Centre 984, Shiheung 3-dong, Kumchun-ku Seoul, Korea
          TEL: +82-2-894-0153